Z Human Resources International Training Program

Información detallada sobre el puesto de prácticas en Colorado: Snow Mountain Ranch, YMCA of the Rockies

Phase 1 – Introduction – April 8 to May 1

Objective: To the policies and expectations of the YMCA of the Rockies, the daily operations of the Human Resources department at Snow Mountain Ranch and how the HR department fits into the mission/bigger picture of Snow Mountain Ranch and the YMCA of the Rockies

Tasks: Get to know SMR through completing the following: SMR Orientation. International Training Program Orientation. Tour of Facilities. Staff Housing Tour. Organizational Layout. Meet department managers and directors. Get to know SMR HR department through learning the following: Layout of office. Organizational Layout. Meet the HR team. Introductions to computer programs used within the department. Understand the function of SMR HR department and resources and tools it provides to SMR. Study the Colorado driving manual and begin preparing for exam/driving test. The trainee will go through basic training in confidentiality, importance of accuracy of documentation, and proper use of keys and other work related material.

Phase 2 – Human Resources Assistant Introduction – May 2 to August 15

Objective: To learn the functions of the Human Resources Assistant

Tasks: Learn to screen applicants and check references as needed through the online application system. Learn about criminal background checks as they relate to Snow Mountain Ranch hiring procedures. Learn to schedule interviews, and provide any other assistance necessary to the hiring function with the Human Resources Director and department managers. Learn how to utilize the HR office Employee Manager system to manage employee information. Learn to screen all incoming phone calls and assist callers with queries. Learn to screen and assist people coming into the Human Resources Office. Learn to manage incoming mail for staff members. Learn the importance of personnel file accuracy and confidentiality. Learn to communicate with employment applicants for Snow Mountain Ranch. Learn to mail/email work agreements to seasonal staff along with all other pertinent information related to the hiring process. Learn to maintain accurate statistics for hiring purposes.

Phase 3 – Human Resources – Advanced – August 15 to December 15

Objective: To learn advance knowledge of the HR associate function. To learn other functions of the Human Resources department.

Tasks: The trainee will learn the following: payroll procedures. Learn about YMCA of the Rockies benefits including: retirement, health and dental, and insurance. Receive one on one training from the HR Director on interpreting the budget and determining staffing amounts from the HR director. Learn about the YMCA of the Rockies recruiting strategy from the HR Director. Learn to manage applications coming into the HR office for both seasonal and full time positions. Receive one on one training from the HR Assistant Director on Workmen’s Compensation, FMLA, COBRA, interviewing strategies. Shadow and assist the Volunteer Coordinator and learn about recruitment strategies for volunteers. Learn basic supervisory skills related to staff issues. The trainee will attend classes in Leadership, Business, Management, Resume Writing and Interviewing, and the YMCA mission.

Phase 4 – Resident Assistant December 15 to April 8

Objective: to perfect his skills in the Resident Assistant function while being trained in other areas of the HR department including staff activities, safety training, and International Programs and to help the trainee see the big picture.

Tasks: Train in Safety and risk management by attending safety meetings. He or she will be introduced to hiring international employees, immigration law, YMCA of the Rockies International Programs by assisting the International Programs Director. He or she will learn to send New Hire Paperwork to incoming international staff and assist with pre-arrival communication. Learn to present the International Work/Travel Orientation to incoming international staff. Shadow the International Programs Director during an interview. Learn to assist International Staff to apply for Social Security and follow up with issues regarding that process. Learn to check in incoming international staff and ensure accurate documentation collection. Attend a department director’s meeting. He or she will plan and implement an International Fair to help share the cultures of the diverse employees at Snow Mountain Ranch. He or she will attend classes