Last night in Mountain Creek! It seems like yesterday I arrived here, and I’m leaving tomorrow… I will miss everybody here and I will never forget this summer! But before coming back to Spain, let’s do a stop in Miami Beach and enjoy real vacations after a whole summer working!
Last day working for me after a great season, an awesome summer that will be difficult to repeat.
I am going to let back so much people, experience and memories that I hope remember all my life.
For each one of you, I will save a little space inside me.
Although this dont finish yet. Now i am going to start my real holidays. Miami, Chicago, Boston and New York, they will be where i will spend my last 12 days in USA.
Time to enjoy


We are gonna miss you AMIGO, see u soon and remember.. if u dont know.. GO!!! —


Parece mentira que haya llegado, pero mañana es mi último día de trabajo.. Best job ever!! Ha sido un verano INCREÍBLE que no voy a olvidar nunca! Pero aqui no acaba la cosa, aun me queda el penúltimo viaje.. 4 diitas en MIAMIIII bitch!! Vamonosss — me siento entusiasmado.